NRW Bespoke Fiber Infusion Service

NRW Bespoke Fiber Infusion Service

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The Official NRW Trim Carbon Fiber Infusion Service - Coming soon!

How does this work?

  • Send us your trim! Its that easy!

What does all this include?

  • BMW Full Interior trim

    • E90/92/93/60 is a full 9-12 parts front and rear trim including the center console, ash tray cover, both door trim, rear door trim, rear center console, rear ash tray cover, and dashboard trim.

    • E82/88 is a full interior trim 4-6 parts including center console, ash tray cover and both door trim.

  • We will repair damaged trim and level the surface. Fix cracks or dents that occur through the life of the part (but we do love getting non damaged trim too!)

  • Level the parts with hand sanding to ensure perfect bonding of the new fiber.

  • Priming the part for infusion.

  • Once ready the part will enter our vacuum table and the fiber selected will be put under total vacuum allowing for a perfect lay down of the fiber onto complex curvatures while evacuating any trapped air pockets or bubbles.

  • After total vacuum is attained we then introduce Epoxy Resin into the part via our bleeder system which “fuses” the fiber onto the part. This is a step we do that nobody else does since most shops use a wet layup.

  • Once done, we move the table to a cure booth where direct medium wave Infrared Light cures the part inside out for 8-12 hours.

  • Removing the part from the vacuum table we then build the top layers to give it a deep finish.

  • After we trim and level the surfaces it receives a 2 part automotive UV clear coat followed up by pneumatic wet sanding then a final 3 stage polish.

  • Usual turn time is 1-3 weeks. (we do sometimes go longer as we get many orders)

Educate me on what makes your parts so good?

  • Well most all other shops do not use a vacuum resin infusion process. While that is the ideal methodology for parts that are made using a mold; we have perfected it for refinishing parts that usual female molds cannot do. In this case the complex rear pins and slide points for trim are a great example.

  • Wet layups or “laminating” exposes the part to air and various floating dust particles that under a 12 hours cure time can get trapped onto a part creating a very fine haze to the part. That prevents light from entering the part which dulls the depth of the finish. Once the part is mated with fiber you now run into the usual “air bubble entrapment” which is when air pockets are created under the surface of the fiber layer. When this occurs eventually the part will start to separate around the bubble and with ambient heat causing the fiber to eventually separate from entirely or crack along stress points. This is not only bad but ruins the base part, destroys the carbon fiber and is a huge headache for the customer since they now have a part that lasted a short time and must have it redone.

  • We use a HVLP gun to apply a true 2 part automotive clear that is cured in our paint booth under low frequency quartz/IR lamps just like any paint shop would. This enables our parts to cure inside and out with INSANE gloss and strength. Doing this is very costly but its night and day against our competitors.

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