NRW HiFlow Turbo Snout

NRW HiFlow Turbo Snout

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The NRW HiFlow Turbo Snout for all 4 Inch Inlet Single Turbos. 

Tested with over 18,000 miles of daily abuse with a custom Poly-Foam 20PPI (pores per inch) reinforced reticulated media filter.  

Oil free and the most compact filter of its size to support effortless flow for all high boost cars.  Tested up to 31psi on a Garrett 3884GTW and 6266 DBB Precision Turbo. 

- ASME Certified internal Velocity Stack for proper airflow management.

- Port matched inlet cover to smooth airflow into turbo inlet.

- Reinforced Reticulated Foam Filter with a 20ppi rating to capture dirt, dust, and other harmful particulates while maintaining supreme airflow. 

- 3.5 inches tall and 5.5 inches in diameter make this one of the smallest full filter kits on the market.  

- Made with a Phenolic Resin mixed with chopped carbon for longevity and high thermal resistance.  

- Internal fluting inside the snout walls to help dissipate heat quickly and maintain rigidity. 

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery as we make these per order and they take many steps to ensure a enduring product.

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