NRW Race/Drag Turbo Snout

NRW Race/Drag Turbo Snout

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The NRW RACE Turbo Snout for all 3 Inch or 4 Inch Single Turbos. 

This is our highest flowing option for single turbo cars available (35psi+). Don’t be fooled by competitor filter styles that are silicone molded “ flat grill mesh” posing as large “MAXX” turbo filters. The sheer notion of such is why we wanted to CAD design our own using fundamental fluid dynamics.

The NRW RACE Filter has chamfered top mesh that significantly improves flow characteristics overs competitive flat faced mesh units.

  • Solid one piece design promotes strength at all angles since we are not mating a solid unnatural material to a silicone. We use a tough Nylon 12 mixed with chopped carbon fiber which is created as one solid unit. This mixture is then treated with Phenolic Resin under 700*F to create a chemically stable, solid, and heat stable part.

  • Our top mesh is 8.5mm in each cell which is 35% smaller than the competitive MAXX filter (13.5). Due to the added flow of a chamfered mesh we can increase the cell density to capture smaller debris every time.

  • Available with a standard silver clamp or the upgraded “burnt style” clamp for an additional $15.00

    If you are looking for a FULL FILTER style we do have that option on the previous page as well!

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