NRW TruCarbon Fiber BMW Badges (Roundles)

NRW TruCarbon Fiber BMW Badges (Roundles)

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NRW BMW Badge Sets(F/R) for ALL BMW Chassis.

These are the first of their kind on the BMW Platform. A true affordable Carbon Fiber, Aramid, and Forged Carbon hood/trunk badge set. These aren’t overlays or plastic at any part - 100% true AAA Grade Carbon Fiber sets made from 2 types of pressure systems which was under development for over 7 months.

  • Using a high grade/stability Epoxy Resin, with a glass like clarity we apply the fiber into our proprietary pressure leveling mold. Once laid into the mold we move it into our vacuum chamber to expedite the degass process. This ensure a solid part with perfect ratios of Resin to Fiber saturation.

  • We then apply pressure to the mold and move it into our Pressure Chamber to force the resin into all aspects of the mold which gives us dimensional accuracy for the embossed logo on the front. It will remain under immense pressure for 6 hours.

  • After a 6 hour pressure time we then move to the final stage in our paint booth and apply a high solids 2:1 Euro UV Clear Coat which seals the roundel from all the elements and gives it the liquid glass look we are known for with any of our Bespoke offerings.

  • To install you will simply remove your old badges and place these in the same location. We use the OEM 2 pin system so they snap right in. Some rear badges may have double sided tape which will be included in all our kits as well.

    These are extremely lightweight badges that really pop in direct and low light. The Embossing of the BMW logo gives the subtle details of quality and “WOW” factor.

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