Why does it take so long?

We hand  make all of our wheels to the exact specifications of our customers order.  This process is not something we carry stock in house due to the overall variability of requests.  We do not carry inventory of pre-made wheels which allows us to be more reasonably priced compared to our competition.  Each order is hand made and requires us to use 1 additional partners to fully produce a single wheel.  We do not wish our customers to have a wheel that does not meet the highest standards and may take longer than the 3-5 weeks needed to ensure you receive a quality product. 

I don't see my wheel on your site, can you still make it?

Short answer is YES.  We are always updating the site to cover additional steering wheels and welcome orders that are not listed.  All you need to do is reach out to us for your request and we will figure out the best way to get a Nelson Racing Wheel into your hands!

Do you use old or new wheels?

Both!  We have a core exchange policy which includes brand new wheels and used ones too.  While some would prefer a new wheel, we will tell you that the extensive modification we do is almost 95% new parts and materials.  It doesn't matter if the wheel is new or used!  You will never tell the difference and we inspect each wheel prior to modification.  If its too worn or has center core hub issues we will throw it out!