Our Process

Quality materials with top notch craftsmanship give us not only the advantage with cost and production time but also the unique ability to customize a racing wheel to your specifications.

  1. We start the process by taking a new or used donor wheel and remove the old materials ensuring we start with a blank canvas.  
  2. Scoring the cores to ensure a lifelong endurance to all aspects of seasonal and driving abuse. 
  3. Then we use Top Grain Leather or 1.01mm Alcantara hand cut from a yard roll specific to your exact wheel and request.  
  4. Using a 1-2-3 cross/web stitch method we then use a color chosen (up to 3 colors total) to perfectly secure the material to the wheel.  
  5. Trimming the wheel to outstanding closeness for an OEM look and supurb feel.  
  6. Finally we mill off a small section of the bottom that does not compromise the integrity of the core for the final stage of finishing, Carbon Fiber.  Prior we sourced a vendor out of Yokkaichi Japan but now we do all our own fiber working in house.  This saves time and increases the beauty of our craft.
  7. The last step is when the craftsman hand engraves his signature to the center section (not visible externally) and applies a serialized sticker for authentication and quality assurance.  You will know if you have a real Nelson Racing Wheel or a cheap knock off instantly.

AC 1 .jpg


The material was developed in the early 1970s by Miyoshi Okamoto, a scientist working for the Japanese chemical company Toray Industries.  Alcantara has succeeded in establishing itself in this sector as the ideal partner for turning car interiors into exclusive, comfortable settings while guaranteeing absolute compliance with the industry's strictest standards. This is why you see this material in the top car manufacturers, giving added feel to the world's most iconic cars.  Available in several color options by request only.


Real Leather

Having been treated to ensure a smooth, non "catching" feel, we use a top grain that has been split to perform under intense circumstance.  Wear resistance of real leather is second to none in the auto industry and knowing the difference is why our customers select our services.  Our leather is not only 100% real but treated using the Chromium method with a pH 3.8 and 4.2.  Available in several color options by request only.


Perforated Leather

A more breathable and enticing option for the daily driven BMW Race Car.  Using the premise for our Real Leather we offer it with perforation to keep quality top notch while also giving you added breathability for vapor moisture to exit the material.  Available in several color options by request only.