Shipping & Returns


Shipping Information

Premium Shipping: $54.99

Delivery Target: 2-5 Weeks After Order **Or longer depending**

We do not combine shipping on multiple QTY orders due to the costs associated with our packaging and transport.  Commercial Clients have different shipping options due to volume.

Core Exchange Program

We offer the Core Exchange Program for customers who daily drive their BMW's.  This program is where you put down a deposit for the wheel of your choice, we then build the wheel to your specifications and send you the item.  After you receive the new wheel the clock starts from delivery date until you send us back your old wheel withing (2) weeks time.  If you decide to keep both wheels you can do so but the core deposit will not be returned at any dollar amount.  We also reserve the right to deny a deposit refund if the wheel you send back is not EXACTLY like the one we sent to you.  

For example, if you get a Nelson Racing Wheel that includes the front plate, buttons, and paddle shifters but only send us the core wheel without the other items, we will take your deposit in full.  The items we have to replace are not cheap and we do not entertain partial returns whatsoever...

Our Core Return address is available upon request!


Returns & Exchanges

Unfortunately we do not offer a return policy for wheels that are created due to user error upon check out.  If there is an issue, you are welcome to let us know and we will work with you on a fair agreement.  We do not have a great deal of markup on our Racing Wheels therefore we ask you to be certain of your order prior to placing one.  If you need help please reach us directly.  

If you are not satisfied with your racing wheel we are happy to refund you the total amount back minus a 20% restocking fee that excludes S&H.  Wheels MUST NOT show wear and tear on them.  We reserve the right to request pictures before making the final return determination.  Thank you.