Our Fibers

The assortment of fibers available is very broad in our shop. 


Please use the attached images to get a better visual idea of our materials since it can be confusing. - However it is so rewarding when you get the right one!

Once you have a fiber selected we can consult with you on its uses to ensure the style of weave matches your build.  While many of these fibers are incredible, not all of them will be proper for every application. 

For example: BMW's M-Performance uses a Japanese sourced 9.3oz Toray T-300 High Density Carbon Fiber for beauty parts that looks like any other twill on the market by its pattern but has tremendous "depth of field" compared to a economy 5.7 oz Twill Carbon Fiber. 

Many Chinese manufactures state T-300HD in their parts but upon visual comparison it is OFTEN untrue.


Fun Fact: For BMW's chassis (CarbonCell / i-Electric) or other reinforcing CFRP panels they source from a Eco-Sustainable Carbon Tow Manufacturer in Dallas TX.