Our current Black Friday Deals are as follows for each product:

  • 20% off on 99% of all items - CODE BF20 AT CHECKOUT

  • **limited QTY of each allowed** **does NOT include Xbox Controller Covers**
  • Carbon Fiber Hoods are 20% off for a extremely limited number of units
  • 20% off Bespoke overlay quotes in the last (30) Days
  • Every order is (1) Chance to win our $1,000.00 raffle for overlay work under our Bespoke Refinishing Services. 
  • **Limitations are at our entire discretion and we will approve projects for the winner based on complexity and cost, or any other reason we decide.
  • No reseller or B2B deals on white label products
  • Production Times will vary by volume, the sooner the order the sooner it is made.  
  • No Rain-Checks.
  • You may buy the item/service's at the 20% off and wait up to 3 months to cash in the deal.  This is pending approval but we will allow it. 
  • Due to the nature of this extreme sale, we will buy materials in advance.  If you decide to cancel the order there will be a 50% restocking fee for wasted materials/time as this deal is record low for our shop to make little margin.