Carbon Fiber Repair

Carbon Fiber Repair

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Composite Repair Service

  • In general, carbon fiber will show its age in harsh environments for extended periods of exposure.
  • Hazy areas, yellowing, cracking, chipping, heat spots and failed UV Clear systems can cause irreversible damage to your carbon fiber/aramid parts. 
  • Spotting them and repairing quickly will greatly extend the life span and finish of your Carbon Fiber.  Its not uncommon for a part to be repaired at NRW and return with a significantly more robust finishing system. 


How does this work?

  • After we review your order and request, we will send an updated invoice or follow up request before final price and times are quoted. 
  • A detailed process on the services we will render based on the damages reviewed will be summarized to you for review.
  • You ship us your part or if you are local to Denver Colorado - schedule an appointment to drop by!
  • Once we receive your part, we will repair it to the best possible condition if we agree at time of consult that it is possible within the time and budget allowed.  (For severely damaged parts we can perform a clinic repair to rebuild areas, infuse fiber or at worst create a mold to remake the part as it was new)
  • Please be as descriptive as possible in your submission, clear context helps us work our process. 
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