Roundel for N54 TruCarbon Engine Cover

Roundel for N54 TruCarbon Engine Cover

Regular price $39.99

This is an "add-on" for the NRW BMW N54 TruCarbon Engine Cover.  Shipping is included and will be set onto your engine cover prior to leaving the shop.

  • Fully solid Carbon Fiber part just like the NRW TruCarbon Engine Cover.
  • Optional add on for that extra detail in your engine bay!
  • If ordered with cover, we will assemble the badge to the cover prior to shipment.


 How we make this part and others like it

Why choose us?
Supreme Quality

Not all fibers are created equal.  From varying weaves, tows, weights and much more - NRW only sources the best of the best. Starting with the best allows us to create the show stopping items you have heard about. 

Quality above all else.

Supreme Finish

S.p.A sourced Alcantara, High Elevation Leather Hides or G5 Titanium hardware - we are all about details and finish.  Custom made or hand created details that take your design and make it drip with just the right touches. 

Attention to detail above all else.